Duty of Care


This is our Duty of Care.

It outlines our commitment to the beliefs we have for how Fika should treat people. And, the principles that will govern any new services, products or features we create. It also documents our beliefs on how we as individuals should treat one another and, most importantly, how we all should treat ourselves.

As Fika grows and adapts, our Duty of Care will grow with us, making sure we never lose sight of what’s important and, we hope, lighting the way for others to follow.

Everyone should have someone to talk to


But finding someone you feel comfortable and safe opening up to, and who is available, can be hard.

That’s why we created Fika.

Fika is the new, safe and anonymous place to talk out what’s on your mind, to someone who will actively listen.

Our duty to society

We believe regularly exercising our emotions is an essential part of human health. We have a duty to raise awareness of the need for us all to proactively care for our everyday emotional health just as much as we do for our physical health, as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our aim with Fika is to provide quick, accessible and positive ways to help as many people as possible get into the habit of talking out what’s on their mind and actively listening to others. We’re going to create the place where you can do this.

Our duty to People in need of expert care

Fika is an everyday emotional wellness service. If you indicate either directly, or indirectly that you are in need of emergency or expert mental health support services, we will provide safeguard features, industry best practice tools, Listener education and support to help guide you as swiftly as possible to more appropriate services, such as The Samaritans.

We do this to protect both you and your Listener.

Our duty to our community

Put trust first

Openly talking out can only happen in an environment where there is trust. We consider it our duty to always strive to provide that safe, secure environment.

In Fika we should always feel able to trust each other.

Provide anonymity

Anonymity is essential to helping people open up and feel safe to talk about what’s on their mind.

In Fika we don’t use real names or share personally identifying information about ourselves or others. Fika does not record, store or monitor what is talked about in a Fika session.

Ensure you feel safe

We want to build a community based on trust, care and respect for each other. Fika users should feel safe from abuse, trolls, repercussions or consequences.

Fika is well moderated, self-moderating and run on respect.

Encourage open-mindedness

We want to create an environment where our users feel they can talk openly, without fear of judgement, ridicule or reprisals.

In Fika we don’t judge each other. Everyone is different and so are the things on our mind.

Value active listening

We understand the benefits of talking to someone who is a good at actively listening – who doesn’t give opinions or advice, but simply listens, encourages, and asks the occasional pertinent question.

We believe the time they make to listen should be valued.

Make sure we all feel equal

We believe that, regardless of our backgrounds, we are united by our shared need to talk it out and be listened to.

Through the use of super-smart matching technology, we remove all labels including gender, sexuality, age, race and political views. We are all equals in the Fika Community.

Our duty to Talkers

We’ll continually strive to create an anonymous environment where there is enough privacy and trust to feel comfortable talking ‘it’ out.

We will match you to the most suitable Listener we can to make the best of your session together. We will do our best to retain and support great listeners and maintain a high quality, consistent listening service for you.

Our duty to Listeners

We’ll provide services to prepare and support you, helping you to improve your active listening skills. We’ll provide simple tools to help quickly mitigate and protect you from difficult or traumatic situations, or ones which make you feel uncomfortable.

We’ll actively seek out ways to reward good quality active listeners for making time for others.